About Us

SextantAt Bosch Consulting Group our mission is to help business leaders formulate, communicate and activate plans to grow and transform their business. This mission is grounded in our belief that business leaders are responsible for the strategy of the business. We have witnessed first hand the effects of what happens when consultants lose sight of their "trusted advisor" role and attempt to dictate the strategy to the business. That is why we are focused on working closely with business leaders and help them develop and champion their own strategy.

Many consultants and so-called experts that will tell you what your business should be focused on, but very few ideas on how make that a reality. That's why we have developed a more comprehensive approach to strategy development that includes:

  • Learning about the business as it operates today.
  • Understanding the Sea of Change the business is operating in.
  • Formulate views as to how value can be created in the future for the business.
  • Charting a path through the Sea of Change that takes the business from where it is today, to where it needs to be tomorrow.